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Roll-up Truck Covers And Accessories

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The LiteRider, our base model tonneau cover is made of a standard-duty, double coated reinforced vinyl with a smooth finish that has clamp adjustable tension, 1" hook tape, one quick release strap, and a limited lifetime warranty.
The cover opens easily by releasing the auto-latch and rolling the cover towards the back of the cab, taking the roll-up bar and bows with it and is secured behind the cab with the quick release strap.
Closing the cover is an equally simple task. To close, unbuckle the quick release strap and roll the cover towards the tailgate. Over-center the roll-up/tensioning bar into the strike and the auto-latch automatically secures the cover tightly in place. Finally, seal the sides with the reliable hook and loop sealing system.

The roll-up Bar, bows,and cover
easily roll out of the way
to give you versatility
to your truck bed.
The cover stores close
to the cab of your pickup
with the quick release strap.

Compatible with most bed accessories;
such as, bed rails, tie down hooks,
cab spoilers, bed liners,
bed caps, & tailgate protectors.
The cover is made of a
Standard-Duty, double-coated
reinforced vinyl
with a smooth finish.

NEW Slide-Lock. Located at each rear corner.
After the cover is secured in place
by the auto-latch,
simply push to lock, pull to unlock.
Also, by adding a tailgate lock,
the cover & truck bed can be secured.

Get The Truck Cover that's Durable, Stylish, easy to operate and install?

Delivering the performance you need at a cost you can afford.

Start Protecting your Truck Today

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Clamp Adjustable Tension.
The tension is adjusted
by the front bar clamp.
Allowing you to maintain
a tight cover.

Protects cargo from wind, rain, and snow. The cover increases the aerodynamics of your pickup by keeping the wind from hitting your tailgate; thus increasing your fuel efficiency.

Easy Clamp-on installation.
It simply clamps
on to the inside lip
of your pickup bed.

STRONG: The tough tubular
bows and cover
can hold heavy snow,
even in the Mountains.

Easy to open
and close in
all four seasons.

Limited Lifetime Warranty Tested and Proven


truck covers,rollup covers trucks pickup covers

LiteRider is a registered United States
trademark of AGRI-COVER, INC.